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How to Upload images Om Zomato

To upload images on Zomato, you can follow these steps: Open the Zomato app on your phone or visit the Zomato website on your desktop. Search for the restaurant you want to upload images for and go to its page. Scroll down to the “Photos” section and click on the “Add Photos” button. Select the images you want to upload from your device’s gallery or camera roll. You can also add a caption and choose the type of dish or […]

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Why Swiggy Zomato Photography is Important for food Brand

Why Swiggy and Zomato Photography Is Important for Food Brand Swiggy and Zomato are popular food delivery platforms that connect consumers with restaurants and food brands. In today’s digital age, customers often make food choices based on how it looks online. Therefore, having high-quality food photography on these platforms is crucial for food brands for the following reasons: Visual Appeal: High-quality food photography on Swiggy and Zomato can capture the attention of potential customers and create a positive first impression […]

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Top 7 Food Photography Tips That Make Your Photography Perfect

Top 7 Food Photography Tips That Make Your Photography Perfect Top 7 food photography tips that make your photography perfect it’s all about the light in this case! For beginners, my best advice is to become more conscious of the strength of the light and how it catches the food, and to learn to adjust appropriately. Here are some pointers to get you started. Select the appropriate image format. If you want to present your photograph professionally, you must use […]

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Why Professional Food Photography is an Important for Restaurant

Why Professional Food Photography is an Important Part of any Restaurant? Nobody knows what a “professional photographer” is (or doesn’t want to know). When people talk about “professionalism,” they employ a variety of definitions. The vast majority of photographers, as well as the public, understand this phrase to mean “a man who makes money with an image.” I’ve been thinking about writing this piece for a long time, and in it, I’ll explain what kinds of requirements a photographer must […]

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